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Eric Lindell Rhythm Room

Eric Lindell Rhythm Room

After showing up late and missing the first set of Eric Lindell on April 1st at the Rhythm Room, my brother Mark and I patiently waited for the next set to start over a Sierra Nevada and New Castle. In the meantime I took the opportunity to purchase some of his CDs and get them signed by The Man. My only disappointment of the night was that he was sold out of Change in The Weather. I ended up buying his new CD just released on March 24th, Gulf Coast Highway which rocks. A few noteworthy tunes that he jammed on April 1strom the new CD are, I Can Get Off On You and Dirty Bird.

The second set was better than expected  was even more impressive was how surprised Eric Lindell and his band were with the reception they got at the Rhythm Room. He sold out of almost all of his CDs and the place was packed and on fire all night to the styling grooves of Eric Lindell and his band.

If you do not know this band, listen to Eric Lindell for free on (and then buy his CDs). Here is the description of him and his band from

Eric Lindell is a natural. With impressive guitar chops, a worn, smoldering voice and a rocking rhythmic sensibility, his jam-friendly style converts blues purists and dyed in the wool R&B fans as well as the tattooed and pierced crowd. His voice recalls Stax and Motown-era soul, with a laid back, hipster charisma. Eric Lindell is poised for a breakout. He has turned heads everywhere he’s gone, almost instantly becoming the talk of the town wherever his musical journey has taken him.

Some of his most popular jams are; Lay Back DownGive It Time and Josephine. Do not miss this band when they come to your town. I am psyched to be going down to New Orleans Jazzfest at the end of the month (April 09) to catch another show. Check out his tour schedule at

Post by Matt O’Brien of Mint Social.