About Matt O’Brien

matthew-obrien-mint-social-social-media-marketing-seminar-wwnAvid risktaker that enjoys challenges personally and professionally. Age has seasoned my interests to those with more of a calculated risk and I appreciate structure in life and in business and being outside the comfort zone. With about 20 years of experience in the digital media world, I have worked for and with Fortune 500 businesses and have built companies from start up stage to exit strategy.

I recently developed social media marketing process to bridge the gap between search marketing and social media to maximize the effectiveness of online businesses in the Internet world. My social media marketing agency, Mint Social, integrates the power of social media into an existing marketing plan. I recently founded and launched World Webinar Network | Social Media Marketing Seminars and Webinars. This Network will bring the best marketing, sales and leadership minds together to help businesses quickly and efficiently embrace the power of social networking to impact their bottom line. Understanding the power of social media marketing and how cost effective this media is becoming will forever change the way businesses do business online. Mint Social | Social Media Marketing and online branding

  1. […] Matt O’Brien is a blog marketing expert and is the founder of Mint Social. To learn more on creating ROI with social media please visit http://www.MintSocial.com or call 602-206-8089. […]

  2. Mint Social says:

    More videos by Mint Social and Matt O’Brien – social media marketing webinars

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