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Eric Lindell Rhythm Room

Eric Lindell Rhythm Room

After showing up late and missing the first set of Eric Lindell on April 1st at the Rhythm Room, my brother Mark and I patiently waited for the next set to start over a Sierra Nevada and New Castle. In the meantime I took the opportunity to purchase some of his CDs and get them signed by The Man. My only disappointment of the night was that he was sold out of Change in The Weather. I ended up buying his new CD just released on March 24th, Gulf Coast Highway which rocks. A few noteworthy tunes that he jammed on April 1strom the new CD are, I Can Get Off On You and Dirty Bird.

The second set was better than expected  was even more impressive was how surprised Eric Lindell and his band were with the reception they got at the Rhythm Room. He sold out of almost all of his CDs and the place was packed and on fire all night to the styling grooves of Eric Lindell and his band.

If you do not know this band, listen to Eric Lindell for free on (and then buy his CDs). Here is the description of him and his band from

Eric Lindell is a natural. With impressive guitar chops, a worn, smoldering voice and a rocking rhythmic sensibility, his jam-friendly style converts blues purists and dyed in the wool R&B fans as well as the tattooed and pierced crowd. His voice recalls Stax and Motown-era soul, with a laid back, hipster charisma. Eric Lindell is poised for a breakout. He has turned heads everywhere he’s gone, almost instantly becoming the talk of the town wherever his musical journey has taken him.

Some of his most popular jams are; Lay Back DownGive It Time and Josephine. Do not miss this band when they come to your town. I am psyched to be going down to New Orleans Jazzfest at the end of the month (April 09) to catch another show. Check out his tour schedule at

Post by Matt O’Brien of Mint Social.

Radiators Live at Tipitinas Rads 30th Anniversary on 2008-01-25 (January 25, 2008)

To download the show, go to:

Radiators Live at Tipitinas Rads 30th Anniversary on 2008-01-26 (January 26, 2008)

To download the show, go to:

The Radiators live at Tipitina’s in New Orleans January 25, 2008 and January 26, 2008 for a two night show celebrating their 30 year anniversary as a band. Get the music vibe from the crowd, the fishheads.

From the middle of the fish heads here is part of Western Plains at the The Rads 30th Anniversary show at Tipitina’s with George Porter on bass and Mark Mullins on trombone. Sizzling show!

The Rads 30th Anniversary show at Tipitina’s — the end of St. James Infirmary with Tim Green on sax and Dave Anderson on bass.

Phoenix Blues Scene

Big Pete Pearson’s Blues Band rocked the house at Rhythm Room Good Friday, 2008. The event before the big event was not so good when the guitar player for the band was rushed to the emergency room to be treated for a gash on his head. This was the result of fainting before the show. We hope we is recovering and will be ready to perform March 29th at the Rhythm Room.

The interesting thing about last nights show was the impressive ability of the band to fill in the void of not having  Mike on guitar. JD on keyboards was tearing it up as seen in the video and Jackie on bass added some funk flared blues jamming to make the sound complete along with the man on drums who I did not get a chance to meet. It goes without saying that Big Pete lit up the stage with his BB King influenced sound.

It was a great crowd and a diverse mix of people that showed up on Good Friday and take note in the video of the dancing machine up in front getting into the vibe of Big Pete and his fine blues band. I attempted (without success) to capture the moment when Big Pete came out on the dance floor and did a slow dance serenade to one of the lady concert goers.

Certain worth noting is The Rack Shack BBQ on premise at the Rhythm Room. I consider myself a BBQ connoisseur and my BBQ pork sandwich is up there with one of the best ever. I highly recommend enjoying a Four Peaks Brewing Company beer to wash the BBQ down and Rythm Room proudly server Kilt Lifter.

Another band to check out (including me) that has Big Pete Pearson – Vocals, Chris James-guitar and vocals

Patrick Rynn-bass, Brian Fahey-drums, Bob Corritore-harmonica called the Rhythm Room All-Stars. Bob Corritore (Owner of the Rhythm Room) gave me a call after seeing the video from Friday night to thank me for the plug and mentioned the other big blues act in Phoenix that was formed in 1991. More information on when both of these bands will be performing next is at Best Music in Phoenix and you can also read more about Big Pete Pearson and the Rhythm Room All-Stars on Bob’s website.

It is good to see that Phoenix has a music scene that makes it very much worth the effort of going out or driving a little out of your way. But most important is that the Blues are alive and kicking in Phoenix thanks to Big Pete Pearson and his great Blues Band and the Rhythm Room. Also, if you want to buy some of his music, check out